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Ex-U.S. sectary of state sued for anti-Serb insults

PRAGUE — A Czech pro-Serb group has filed criminal charges against former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright for her offensive statement against Serbs.   Albright caused a storm of criticism recently when she referred to a group of Czech activists as “disgusting Serbs”. The activists had arrived at Albright’s book signing event in Prague, but instead of a copy

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Serb wounded in shooting attack south of Ibar

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA — Two Serb men were attacked while they were driving in their car near the municipality of Istok in Kosovo on Saturday afternoon, it has been reported.   Momir Pantić, a former police chief in Istok, was wounded during the incident. He was shot in the arm and transported to northern Kosovska Mitrovica after receiving initial medical treatment

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“Serbia to continue financing institutions in Kosovo”

BELGRADE — Serbian President’s Foreign Policy Advisor Marko Đurić has said that Serbia would not stop financing its institutions in Kosovo and Metohija   Marko Đurić (Tanjug)   Speaking on Friday in Belgrade, he qualified as positive the results of the meetings held by Ivica Dačić and Hashim Thaci in Brussels. Đurić told International Radio Serbia (MRS) that Serbia had

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“Serbia will fulfill conditions, won’t recognize Kosovo”

  ATHENS — Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić has said that Serbia will fulfill all EU conditions but that it would never recognize Kosovo’s independence.   Tomislav Nikolić in Athens on Friday (Tanjug)   The president started his visit to Greece on Friday morning with a meeting with his Greek counterpart Karolos Papoulias. Papoulias told reporters that geopolitical situation in the

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Poll: 59% would choose Kosovo over EU

BELGRADE — If  Serbs voted in a referendum that would ask them to “choose between Kosovo and the EU”, about two thirds would choose to keep Kosovo within Serbia.     At the same time, 27 percent said they would rather see the country join the EU. The B92/Strategic Marketing poll included 1,002 respondents. Broken down by partisan affiliation, the

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