What this Superpower’ Military did to the small and defenseless country, constitutes the War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Can you imagine- in these modern times, marked by the enormous democratic, humanitarian and technological advances of our Mankind- One of the largest and most powerful nations: savagely and relentlessly bombing one small and defenseless country for three months, murdering over 6,000 innocent civilians, including over a hundred children, maiming dozens thousands of them, systematically destroying the entire country infrastructure including the hospitals and schools, hence sending this innocent country (which by the way never attacked or provoked this superpower) back to the stone age..

Can you imagine this Superpower, which proud itself as being one of the most civilized nations, violating all the international humanitarian and military laws and conventions, by using this defenseless country as the polygon for testing its modern weaponry, against mostly civilian targets, including the weapons specifically outlawed by the Geneva convention- such as: tons of highly radioactive Depleted Uranium projectiles, thousands of Cluster Bombs…

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