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CNN: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: “Depleted uranium does not kill anybody!” (Redefining the “mainstream”)

CNN: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: “Depleted uranium does not kill anybody!“ (Redefining the “mainstream”)   In 2015 “mainstream” of the great migration from Africa and Asia to Europe went through Serbia, and the “mainstream” media followed them for a while. As a rule, victims of north-Atlantic imperialism are conveniently beyond the horizon, but now, many of them walk the streets of

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[Only when you answer the question you have read, proceed reading the next one.]   Do you know any example that students of some faculty, anywhere in the world, had an idea to convey to the students of the world, suggesting common action?   Can you imagine simple & easy action which could lead to a swift, unstoppable, significant, great

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Kathy Reinhart: Today I introduce you to Aleksandar Veljic, author of Genocide Revealed

Aleksandar Veljic June 22, 2015 by Kathy Reinhart Ink Drop Interviews & Reviews Recently I was invited to join Something or Other Publishing as a principal, conducting interviews and giving pre-release reviews of their authors’ books. Today I introduce you to Aleksandar Veljic, author of Genocide Revealed. Most of my interviews are with fiction writers, but Aleksandar has written a

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Srebrenica, Another Genocide Over SERBIAN Population

19.6.2015. In nineties, Srebrenica was the center of terrorist activities – «Jihad», the Muslim 28th Division under the command of Naser Oric Monster, with the participation of  mujahedeens  operated here, covered by UN and US forces. In 1993, The Embassy of Bosnia & Herzegovina, in Vienna, even issued the Bosnian passport to Osama bin Laden! Thus, Bin Laden became honored

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Gregory Elich – Deindustrialization, NATO-Style (Sixteenth Anniversary of the War Against Yugoslavia)

APRIL 15, 2015 Counterpunch Sixteenth Anniversary of the War Against Yugoslavia: Zastava Deindustrialization, NATO-Style by GREGORY ELICH One of the main features of NATO’s bombing campaign against Yugoslavia in 1999 was the deliberate targeting of factories and manufacturing plants. As a member of a delegation travelling throughout Yugoslavia shortly after the end of the war, I could readily see that

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OMINOUS DISAPPEARANCE OF UKRAINIAN PUBLICIST SERGEY BELOUS NEAR DONETSK SREBRENICA HISTORICAL PROJECT August 4, 2014. Sergey Belous, M. A. in history, a native of Harkov, Ukraine, disappeared late in the evening on Friday, August 2, 2014, shortly after crossing the border from Russia into Ukraine. Sergey Belous has been residing in Belgrade, Serbia, since September 2013. He arrived in Belgrade

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