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PFIZER- or story about an unethical `medical practice` and global corruption..

(NN- Facebook status) Today, on our “medicine markets”, especially when comes to the Covid vaccine, Pfizer became the undisputed “Big Pharma’ Alpha & Omega”. All the other competitors have been just “pushed”…


КОМЕНТАР АУТОРА: Пишем нову књигу („мега пројекат“) на енглеском језику. Превод наслова: „Косово99: ХУМАНитарни РАТ или РАТ за ХУМАНЕ ОРГАНЕ“. Књига је намењена западној и светској публици и треба да јавно демаскира […]

Orchestrated Tweets: Are Brits and Americans screwing Germans over the refugee crisis!?

“Surprisingly”, for this research was crucial the third category, defined by Dr. Sholak as “Welcome refugees to Germany”. That’s were things got really spicy. He analyzed in total 19,000 tweets. In this category he was looking only for tweets that contained slogan “welcome refugees” and word Germany. When comes to inviting refugees to seek shelter in Germany, “surprisingly” the best majority of tweets originated, not in Germany, but in Great Britain (19.2%) and USA (17%). The percent of Germans advertising own country as “desired refugee destination” was only 6.4%!?

European values(?): Murder by ICTY- Gravelly ill professor Dr V. Seselj jailed innocent for 12 years

Vice-president of Serbian Radical party (SRS) Nemanja Sarovic has accused „International Court of Justice for former Yugoslavia“ (ICTY) in Hague that is, without any doubts and on purpose, killing the leader of SRS Dr. Vojislav Seselj- because they don’t have the legal justification to sentence him… The president of Serbian Radical Party, and university professor Dr. Vojislav Seselj has been jailed (innocent) in ICTY for 12 years, and still is unclear when (if ever?) his verdict will be issued.