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European values(?): Murder by ICTY- Gravelly ill professor Dr V. Seselj jailed innocent for 12 years


Vice-president of Serbian Radical party (SRS) Nemanja Sarovic has accused “International Court of Justice for former Yugoslavia” (ICTY) in Hague that is, without any doubts and on purpose, killing the leader of SRS Dr. Vojislav Seselj- because they don’t have the legal justification to sentence him… The president of Serbian Radical Party, and university professor Dr. Vojislav Seselj has been jailed (innocent) in ICTY for 12 years, and still is unclear when (if ever?) his verdict will be issued.

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So Obama admitted it- The real goal of newest USA illegal war in Middle East is toppling Assad’ regime !?

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The real goal here is to overthrow (using all illegal means in disposal) the present Syrian regime and its legally elected president Assad Bashar; And then to move “the regime change resources” toward the last remaining “non-allied regime” in the Middle East- IRAN!? …And consequently moving American and NATO resources closer to Russian border, with final objective- putting Russian Federation in a “quarantine”, and eventually dismantling it!? Western created Ukrainian crisis, is here only a part of the American, much wider, hidden agenda.

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“Telegram of death”

Austro-Hungarian telegram in which it was written a declaration of war to Serbia on this day on Tuesday, 28 July 1914 Telegram of declaration of war Austria-Hungary to Serbia 1914 is kept in the Archives of Serbia. Declaration of war Serbia is arrived via regular mail, written in French, then the official language, and then handed over to Nikola Pasic

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New Albanian Terrorist Formation Threatens Macedonia

Skopje Liberation Army is the fourth armed formation that announced its presence on the territory of Macedonia since the end of the war in 2001 and the dissolution of the National Liberation Army, which was led by Ali Ahmeti and Gëzim Ostreni.

Completely new, fourth ethnic Albanian guerrilla formation threatens the Macedonian police. Skopje Liberation Army (Ushtria Çlirimtare e Shkupit) threatens that if the six Albanians convicted in the “Monster” case are not set free by Monday, it will start attacking the police. “If the Albanian prisoners are not freed until July 14, the Liberation Army will take serious steps and will execute massive attacks on the Macedonian

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Suicide bombers are arriving to Kosovo


Pristina-based daily “Express”, referring on  Kosovo and Western intelligence sources, claiming that groups sympathetic to Al Qaeda for months preparing suicide bombers for attacks in Kosovo and Albania. As possible targets mentioned the U.S. base Bondsteel and police stations. Training group of suicide bombers has been going on for six months, writes Express,stating that future suicide recruited from the ranks of jihadists who are fighting against theforces Basar al Assad in Syria.   In Syria and Iraq, according to intelligence ,fighting about 150

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Macedonia: Ethnic Albanians Clash With Police


Hundreds of stone-throwing ethnic Albanians protesting a court ruling clashed Friday with Macedonian police, who fired water cannon and tear gas at the crowd to prevent them from storming a court building. Police said about 2,000 people gathered in Macedonia’s capital, Skopje, to protest the life sentences imposed this week on six ethnic Albanian Muslims convicted of murdering five Christian

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Ukraine air and artillery attacks on Donetsk region and the “inevitable slaughter of innocent civilians” must be halted, if the Ukraine government and it’s “sponsor”- US Administration seriously intends its offers of peace, the president of the American Jewish Congress declared today…

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