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Who is Capable to Prevent Nuclear War before Olympics?

A petition appealing to the DPRK’s authorities to stop testing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) during the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang has recently emerged at thechange.org. A huge number of athletes and sports fans eager to live in peace and harmony have initiated this kind of petition. Their emotional distress is quite justified. The fact is that the situation

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Will ISIS Blow up Olympics in Korea?

Despite major defeats in Syria and Iraq, ISIS still remains the greatest threat to security and stability in the world. The terrorists have switched recently to single hostile activities and heinous acts of terror in the EU and throughout Asia. Social media became quite a good platform for ISIS recruiters to disseminate and spread information on the guidelines for ‘lone

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ЕСКАЛАЦИЈА КОНФЛИКТА: Пјонгјанг саветовао стране амбасаде да почну евакуацију… CONFLICT ESCALATION: Pyongyang advises foreign embassies to evacuate…

Russia not evacuating Pyongyang embassy, considers N.Korea ‘suggestion’… Русија за сада не евакуише амбасаду, али разматра “препоруку” Северне Кореје… УВОДНА РЕЧ ФБР УРЕДНИКА: Ескалација конфликта на корејском полуострву, ових дана, је пре свега резултат деловања и ратно-хушкачке реторике Америке, неких “западних савезника” и Јапана. Једини глас разума који можемо да чујемо долази од стране Русије, Кине и других неутралних земаља,

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