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Zakharchenko is preparing “the Mariupol cauldron” for Ukrainian force

Head of the DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko said that in case Ukrainian forces resume hostilities in Donbass, they would encounter the next, 3rd cauldron in the area of Mariupol. “There had been two cauldrons already. We need to create the third, in order for them to realize that they need to stop doing evil things. They will have to sit down

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Photo chronology of Ukrainian war crimes in Mariupol, on the day when city was celebrating “V-day”

It is very sad, that these war crimes and crimes against humanity (aimed at a very large Russian “minority”) are taking place in the heart of today’ “Democratic Europe”, on the same day when hundreds of millions of European citizens are celebrating Victory over Nazis, 69 years ago.

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