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[Only when you answer the question you have read, proceed reading the next one.]   Do you know any example that students of some faculty, anywhere in the world, had an idea to convey to the students of the world, suggesting common action?   Can you imagine simple & easy action which could lead to a swift, unstoppable, significant, great

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APOSTASY- Is Islam really the religion of “peace and tolerance”!?

The best proof that Islam is not “religion of peace and tolerance” is the strict application of Quran (Sharia law) in the most powerful Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Iran… (most of them are, by the way, the best friends and allies of the so called “democratic West”) In these countries, atheism or just a simple conversion to

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Jasenovac – Concentration camp

JASENOVAC Often overlooked when considering the concentration camp system, the large complex of camps known as Jasenovac was located on approximately 220 acres of land southeast of Zagreb, Croatia. Established following the newly created independent state of Croatia, the camps were erected on the banks of the Sava river. Of five hundred prewar village houses, 432 were demolished and over

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Nazi hunter: Comparing Srebrenica and Holocaust is “absurd”

In a telephone statement for the Belgrade-based newspaper Politika, the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel office several times repeated that these events were “not the same,” and that it is “horrible to make such comparisons.” “I wish the Nazis moved aside Jewish women and children before their bloody rampage, instead of murdering them, but that, as we know,

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Nebojsa Malic: How Srebrenica tragedy became excuse for atrocities around the world

Originally posted on Стање ствари:
Politicians and cameras will converge on Srebrenica this weekend and talk endlessly of “genocide.” Not only is that an inappropriate description of the tragic events in 1995, its misuse has resulted in many more “humanitarian” deaths worldwide. People sit around graves and tombstones at the Memorial Center Potocari, near Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina July 11, 2015 (Reuters…

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