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Why is EU dumping refugees on “the non-member state” Serbia ?

The very desperate Serbian government, personified in the “tragicomic prime minister persona”, (who is acting more like the EU leaders’ obedient pet, instead as the leader of an independent nation) – which is hoping to gain EU membership, by yielding to every Brussels’ “blackmail”, even if that meant self-disintegration of the Serbian proper…

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10,000 immigrants entered Serbia in four months of 2015

BELGRADE- Around 10,000 people from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries entered Serbia over the first four months of 2015, and the number is expected to exceed 30,000 by year-end, officials of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights told a press conference on Monday. The number of persons entering and passing through Serbia in an attempt to reach the EU

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In the third Chapter I have documented partially, but from credible sources, the presence and activity of ISIS and other extreme Islam jihadist organizations in Kosovo and in the region. Obviously the “Albanian factor” in the future ISIS plans is taking one of the key roles. I hope that we will never find out what this role is in practice. Rather that the authorities in charge will do their job regarding this issue. The last, fourth Chapter, indicates that this, in my opinion, fake “Albanian exodus” has in a whole, or at least partially, plans for an Albanian “colonization” primarily of the southern part of Serbia proper. Of course, this thesis of mine remains to be proved, or denied, in practice. For all of us, the most fortunate solution would be the latter. Time shall say…

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