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The Real Bosnian Genocide – Геноцид над Србима у Босни

The Real Bosnian Genocide – Геноцид над Србима у Босни 29.11.2012. source: ДАН ВЕТЕРАНА – ВИДОВДАН  *** attention, disturbing content – photos *** posted by Peter Robert North August 2006 The REAL Srebrenica “Genocide” NOT reported by the corrupt, racist pro-Islamist Nazi Western corporate controlled media, was the brutal mass murder – using axes, knives, daggers, sledgehammers, iron bars, flamethrowers

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Europe’s first hijab-wearing mayor to take office in Bosnia

11.10.2012 Branko Ilic,Serbian FBReporter     “My fellow citizens showed a great open spirit because they elected me first as a woman but also as a woman who wears a veil,” said Amra Babic. PHOTO: AFP   VISOKO: A new woman mayor in Bosnia who is the first in her country and the continent to wear the hijab, said Tuesday her

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