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Beginning of uprising in Serbia!?


While these protestors that today took the streets of the Serbian capital Belgrade were very angry and loud, the majority of Serbian people are very silent. Probably too silent, and that eerie silence (for people that know well Serbian history and mentality) is the most scary part. After such “calm weather”, usually the “violent storm” would come. And something is obviously looming on the Serbian political horizon…

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OLD SERBIA     “Old Serbia”, as a notion and term, appears frequently not only in science and politics but also in everyday life. Its’ origins come from life’s practice, and the necessity for Serbs to identify with an ethnic entity and cultural-historical existence within a defined geographical area. Not infrequently, the borders were defined by unstable political state of

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vladika nikolaj

KOSOVO PROPHECY   Jehovah upholding all the falling, and raising up all who are bowed down. (Psalm 145,14)   Without death there is no resurrection, Under a shroud of glory I see you, And our nation’s honor resurrected – “Away from the Serbs, you vile curse!” The Serbs have now fulfilled their vow. (The Mountain Wreath) …For whom are our

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ser rose

A Man Not of This World Hieromonk Seraphim Rose, co-founder and co-editor of The Orthodox Word and co-founder of the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood and Monastery at Platina, California, reposed in the Lord on September 2, 1982 n.s. Born in 1934 in California, he was raised in a typical American Protestant family. He graduated from Pomona College in the

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Ethnopsychological Function of Language Matrix in the Latest Records of Oral Folk Literature from Kosovo and Metohija


Ethnopsychological Function of Language Matrix in the Latest Records of Oral Folk Literature from Kosovo and Metohija  This paper discusses the state of Serbian language in the latest records of oral folk literature from Kosovo and Metohija, bearing in mind newly created social and political conditions. Since the language of oral folk literature is conditioned by a certain formula that

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TOKENS OF RASHKIA’S KINGDOM            Svetlana Stevic Vukosavljevic, treasurer of Serbian folk treasury In the tradition of people from Homolje, language represents the treasury of entire knowledge and testament our ancestors have entrusted us with. It contains the keys and locks of life. This paper aims to illustrate this through the legend of Rashkia’s kingdom.             “Ancient Serbs had

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Poems on Kosovo


“Kosovo peonies” by Milan Rakic.   What a beautiful night this is! Look, all ye, From the poplar, oak, black locust and mulberry tree In golden beams of bow the immaterial moonlight falls. Now,   above the meadows where the grass scents, in blossomed branches, from the top of the fields which turn black after rain pelts, the great soul

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