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RE- AP video depicting Croatian war crime: How to understand the Croatian Thirst for Serbian blood (FBR editorial)


When these war crimes and crimes against humanity took place, the Western (NATO) interest was to hide the truth at any cost, and to maintain in public the picture of Serbs as “the bad guys”- Even in Canada, their soldiers who as UN peace keepers witnessed the Croatian atrocities first hand, and themselves were attacked by the vicious Croatian soldiers,

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APOSTASY- Is Islam really the religion of “peace and tolerance”!?


The best proof that Islam is not “religion of peace and tolerance” is the strict application of Quran (Sharia law) in the most powerful Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Iran… (most of them are, by the way, the best friends and allies of the so called “democratic West”) In these countries, atheism or just a simple conversion to

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“Multi-Kulti” failure in EU: In Austria Muslim men attacking Christians in public for just being Christians!?


Danielle doesn’t leave her home anymore alone, she is now always accompanied by her boyfriend, or other friends. This young Christian woman now lives in a fear of new unprovoked attacks- her life is shattered. Her “guilt” as a child in the former (war torn) country Yugoslavia, was- “being a Serb”. Her guilt in the new country Austria appears to be- “being a Christian”. So much for European “Multi-Kulti” project…

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When the Western media used to tell the truth: The New York Times about Kosovo in 1982 …


The New York Times, Monday, July 12, 1982 EXODUS OF SERBIANS STIRS PROVINCE IN YUGOSLAVIA By MARVINE HOWE, Special to the New York Times Serbian FBReporter, 25.02.2013- photos and comments (black italic text) by M. Novakovic DATELINE: PRISTINA, Yugoslavia Danilo Krstic and his family are hardworking wheat and tobacco farmers, Serbs who get along with their Albanian neighbors. ”You have

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Serbian students brutally attacked in Croatia

Several younger Croats have attacked eight Serbian orthodox theology students on their way to the Krka monastery eight. Six have been  injured, one of whom is heavily.           Mayor of Sibenik-Knin Police Ivica Kostanic said for HRT.  He said that the police have arrested and identified the attackers, and that they were  minor (under 18)  from Kistanje

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Ninth anniversary of anti-Serb violence in Kosovo

BELGRADE — The Serbian government and the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) are today marking the ninth anniversary of pogrom in Kosovo. During the rampage, Albanian extremists and terrorists killed ten and expelled more than 4,000 Serbs, destroyed and burned 938 Serb houses and apartments and 35 Orthodox churches and monasteries in just three days. A manifestation dedicated to the suffering

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NATO “Evil seeds” from Balkans: Fighting Syria war with Croatian weapons and Albanian terrorists !?

 NATO “Evil seeds” from Balkans: Fighting Syria war with Croatian weapons and Albanian terrorists !? (As reported by the Western media: The New York Times, RT, The Weekly Standards, EUobserver, DEBKAfile) 27.02.2013, SERBian FBReporter Prepared by M. Novakovic (Source: various agencies, FBR archive) ————————————————————– Introductory (M. Novakovic) —————— Yesterday, one Serbian portal in Albanian language, from the Southern Serbian city

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