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ORWELLIAN TIMES: Canadian Big Brother at the Municipal level (City of Burnaby)

Bby Thought Police Case

At the end of the day, I refuse to believe that our provincial and local legislators would be proud of the Orwellian stigma already attached to their bylaws, that require from the BC residents (and outside visitors), as per Burnaby “Taught Police” (Bylaw Dep) officer Medos’ own words: “We give you the driver, all responsibility to be aware and educated on the bylaws in place… All bylaws are public information that should be researched if you are planning to park or drive any vehicle on Burnaby City property”- Orwellian (and ludicrous), isn’t it!?

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srebrenica case

Such one sided (black&white) approach by the major Western powers certainly is not going to bring the peace and reconciliation to the Balkans, and is not going to heal the wounds between various religious and ethnic entities there. Probably in the previous sentence lies the real answer to such “irrational” and inflammatory Western behavior in the Balkans, which in my opinion can be described simply by the old Latin formula: “Divide and conquer”. And we all know very well who the real “conqueror” and the real culprit, in this story is…

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EDITOR COMMENT: While Czechs are battling NATO occupiers with tomatoes and eggs, Serbian citizens demonstrated their dissatisfaction- with the newest (traitorously) IPAP agreement between NATO and Serbian regime- by leaving “suspicious packages” at the doorsteps of Serbian government institutions: Causing a panic among government officials, and the shutdown of the Belgrade downtown core…

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Russians are ready to turn off gas to Kiev and EU- Ukrainian MP’s are ready to sack Yatsenyuk!?

gazprom ukraine

While discontent (and civil unrest) with the government within Ukraine is growing, and the country is literally falling apart- Kiev’ habit to “steal” Russian gas might come to an end. Probably with the hefty price for their “EU sponsors”.

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Semantic field of soul concept in Serbian language


Semantic field of soul concept in Serbian language Both speech and language are representing ”energiae” activities in which subject forms its own image of world, ”personal world”. In that act subject and object meet each other in language medium as ”energiae”, living, active reality which is represented in language system(1). Soul concept, as a part of that world image and

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So Obama admitted it- The real goal of newest USA illegal war in Middle East is toppling Assad’ regime !?

mccain copy copy

The real goal here is to overthrow (using all illegal means in disposal) the present Syrian regime and its legally elected president Assad Bashar; And then to move “the regime change resources” toward the last remaining “non-allied regime” in the Middle East- IRAN!? …And consequently moving American and NATO resources closer to Russian border, with final objective- putting Russian Federation in a “quarantine”, and eventually dismantling it!? Western created Ukrainian crisis, is here only a part of the American, much wider, hidden agenda.

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Sudden change of mind: Obama Warns Ukraine Against Military Action on Protesters in East


Obama’s warning came as Ukrainian President Oleksandr Turchynov granted sweeping powers to the army and police. The Western-backed leader’s security service said earlier in the day that it’s undertaking a nationwide operation to restore public order, giving the military authority to search, detain and even fire on Ukrainians.

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