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Poems on Kosovo

“Kosovo peonies” by Milan Rakic.   What a beautiful night this is! Look, all ye, From the poplar, oak, black locust and mulberry tree In golden beams of bow the immaterial moonlight falls. Now,   above the meadows where the grass scents, in blossomed branches, from the top of the fields which turn black after rain pelts, the great soul

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New Albanian Terrorist Formation Threatens Macedonia

Completely new, fourth ethnic Albanian guerrilla formation threatens the Macedonian police. Skopje Liberation Army (Ushtria Çlirimtare e Shkupit) threatens that if the six Albanians convicted in the “Monster” case are not set free by Monday, it will start attacking the police. “If the Albanian prisoners are not freed until July 14, the Liberation Army will take serious steps and will execute massive attacks on the Macedonian

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Suicide bombers are arriving to Kosovo

Pristina-based daily “Express”, referring on  Kosovo and Western intelligence sources, claiming that groups sympathetic to Al Qaeda for months preparing suicide bombers for attacks in Kosovo and Albania. As possible targets mentioned the U.S. base Bondsteel and police stations. Training group of suicide bombers has been going on for six months, writes Express,stating that future suicide recruited from the ranks of jihadists who are fighting against theforces Basar al Assad in Syria.   In Syria and Iraq, according to intelligence ,fighting about 150

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Macedonia: Ethnic Albanians Clash With Police

Hundreds of stone-throwing ethnic Albanians protesting a court ruling clashed Friday with Macedonian police, who fired water cannon and tear gas at the crowd to prevent them from storming a court building. Police said about 2,000 people gathered in Macedonia’s capital, Skopje, to protest the life sentences imposed this week on six ethnic Albanian Muslims convicted of murdering five Christian

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ISIS Reaches Kosovo

By 20committee Kosovo police arrested three ethnic Albanians on charges of terrorism and recruitment. The men, said to be linked to the world’s most infamous rising jihadist group, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), are reported to have recently returned from Syria, where some 150 Kosovar Albanians are waging jihad. Kosovo Intelligence Agency (AKI) tracked down the men before they

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“DRIVE BY SHOOTING” IN KOSOVO: Savagery beyond “normality”- Albanians killing the dogs only because they belong to Serbs!

Albanians shot at Serbian house and killed the dogs only because “they were Serbs” !? Bosnian News agency “Srna”- FBR translation Published on August 30th, 2013 (Срна) ******* JUST ANOTHER “REGULAR DAY IN HELL” FOR SERBS- IN NATO OCCUPIED (PROTECTED?) SERBIAN PROVINCE “KOSOVO & METOHIJA” Unknown Albanian assailants attacked with firearms the house of Danilo Doncic, Serbian refugee-returnee, in village

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