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CIA Can’t Stop Misleading Trump, Ridicule the country and Disclose ‘Solid Evidence’ of CW Usage by Assad

CIA Director Marc Pompeo said on July 11 at INSA Leadership Dinner that there is allegedly solid evidence that the Syrian authorities had been using chemical weapons in Khan Shaykhun. As M. Pompeo clarified, President Donald Trump ordered to conduct an investigation on the chemical attack in the Syrian province of Idlib. In their work, the intelligence community allegedly managed

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EDITORIAL: What Western Media don’t tell you about the tragic death of Bakari Henderson!? (updated 11.07.2017)

UPDATE EXCLUSIVE- TESTIMONY FROM ONE OF THE ACCUSED SERBIAN MEN The account of the incident provided by one of the accused Serbian young men, who was in direct contact with his family in Belgrade, shines new light on the tragic incident. Mrs. Ruza Senic, grandmother of arrested 25 years old Milos Senic, from Belgrade’ suburb Obrenovac, provided us with his

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S. Mangal: The Amnesty Decree at Work for Syrian People’ Benefit

In the regional office of the Baath party were noted that the people incoming are registered and sent by the buses to the collection point. Men and women then are checked for several days, and if there is no evidence of their participation in the murders of servicemen and civilians, they are amnestied by a court decision. The Amnesty Decree

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S. Mangal: U.S. Dooms IS Fighters Leaving Raqqa to Death

U.S forces are setting corridors to allow terrorists move towards Palmyra and other towns controlled by the Syrian government. Washington is attempting to lure terrorists and their families out of the city to get them eliminated with mass airstrikes either by the international coalition or Syrian troops with the assistance of the Russian AF, the source added. U.S. Dooms IS

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S. Mangal: Contradictory Statements of NATO on Joining the International Coalition

It is easy to imagine how the events will develop. First, a decision is made to train local forces, which are the Syrian opposition in fact. In the framework of this step, dozens, and then hundreds of NATO ‘experts’ are deployed in the country. Then the next stage to be implemented, the military is transferred closer to the war zone.

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S. Mangal: Qatari approach to refugees and security in the Middle East

It is an open secret that Qatar has long-standing plans to build a gas pipeline through the territory of Syria to Europe. This particular explains the Emir’s desire to arm and finance various radical groups. Qatari approach to refugees and security in the Middle East Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani According to Gulf Times, The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin

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