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TIMELINE: On April 30th 99, NATO war planes targeted passenger bus in Luzane, Kosovo- murdering 60 people (VIDEO)

UNPUNISHED WAR CRIMES… On today date, 19 years ago (in 1999) Serbian passenger bus, operated by “Nis-Express”, was hit with multiple missiles fired from the NATO bombers, while crossing the bridge in Luzane, Kosovo, 18 km north of Pristina. The bus was cut in a half and completely incinerated by fire- None of 60…

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Did you know that Bondsteel the biggest US military base in Europe was built on the land of ethnically cleansed Serbs?

With the utmost disregard for the lawful protection of private property, which is otherwise observed around the world, and inside the US proper with the utmost regard- US government (occupying military force) inside the Serbian province Kosovo has usurped (read: stole) hundreds of acres, to built its infamous military base.

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By coming to the power of the SNS (Serbian ruling Progressive party) and its satellites, and especially the election of Dictator Aleksandar Vucic as a head of the state, Serbia’s media had dwindled (submitted) to the Serbian president. All the freedoms have been abolished. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of public appearance, freedom of assembly. Verbal delict has

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Reader’ comment: Serbia Let Jinn Out Of Bottle

Serbia Let Jinn Out Of Bottle Following the elections on June 11, Ramush Haradinaj mandated to form a government in the so-called Republic of Kosovo. “The Military Coalition” which recently lagged behind its “democratic” opponents, now takes the lead. Strange as it may seem, but in many respects the Serbs helped this coalition by themselves. Ramush Haradinaj was detained by

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Nenad Braskovic: A new wave of refugee crisis is likely to hit Europe…

…Their path to Germany, Sweden or Norway laid through other European countries, which began to strengthen their borders and throw migrants on the frontier lanes. However, the fears of Europeans were not in vain. Among the millions of refugees, there were ISIS militants and criminals engaged in theft, raping and murders. The number of crimes committed by them in the

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America’s ‘junkyard dogs’: Operation Storm, 20 years on

‘Operation Storm’ in August 1995, when Croatia overran the Serb-inhabited territory of Krajina, was the biggest single instance of ethnic cleansing in the Yugoslav Wars, Because the attack was backed by the US, however, it was never treated as a crime. Between August 4 and August 7, up to 2,000 people were killed and over 220,000 driven from their homes

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10,000 immigrants entered Serbia in four months of 2015

BELGRADE- Around 10,000 people from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries entered Serbia over the first four months of 2015, and the number is expected to exceed 30,000 by year-end, officials of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights told a press conference on Monday. The number of persons entering and passing through Serbia in an attempt to reach the EU

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