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America’s ‘junkyard dogs’: Operation Storm, 20 years on

‘Operation Storm’ in August 1995, when Croatia overran the Serb-inhabited territory of Krajina, was the biggest single instance of ethnic cleansing in the Yugoslav Wars, Because the attack was backed by the US, however, it was never treated as a crime. Between August 4 and August 7, up to 2,000 people were killed and over 220,000 driven from their homes

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10,000 immigrants entered Serbia in four months of 2015

BELGRADE- Around 10,000 people from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries entered Serbia over the first four months of 2015, and the number is expected to exceed 30,000 by year-end, officials of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights told a press conference on Monday. The number of persons entering and passing through Serbia in an attempt to reach the EU

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Serbia has the right not to deliver Seselj on the basis of United Nations resolutions 37/194- Expert

I would like to inform you that according to the UN Resolution 37/194 from 1982, “Annex”, Principle 1 and 6 (attachment), it will not be possible to demand that Mr. Vojislav Seselj returns to the prison at this stage. Since he suffers from incurable disease, he is now legally just a MEDICAL PATIENT. He will most certainly not be in position ever to be returned to the ICTY prison. Therefore it is even illegal to try to exercise political pressure and to try to force Serbian government to arrange for an again illegal return of Mr. Seselj to the Hague prison.

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Serbia: NGO Demands Compensation From NATO For 1999 Bombardments Of Yugoslavia

BELGRADE – A Serbian non-governmental organization has demanded that NATO pay compensation for the damage it had inflicted on Serbia during 1999 bombardments of Yugoslavia, TASS reports. The Belgrade Forum for the World of Equal and the Club of generals and admirals launched the initiative at their meeting held on Monday on the eve of the 16th anniversary of NATO

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Truth and lies about the break-up of Yugoslavia: Forget Milosevic, this was a US operation from start to finish

Then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton visiting US Army ‘Eagle Base’, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, December 22, 1997. It becomes a little less difficult to determine whether we have been informed correctly about Yugoslavia. Did they have a right to present the Nato war as “humanitarian”? Did the Great Powers have secret strategies? Were there media lies told and war

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