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Serb Orthodox cemetery in eastern Croatia vandalised


Unknown individuals vandalized gravestones and the Serbian cemetery chapel near Osijek. The villagers for two days living in fear. The police in the eastern Croatian Osijek-Baranja County are looking for an unidentified person who between January 3 and 5 desecrated the chapel and several dozen graves at the Serb orthodox cemetery in Cepin near Osijek. 13.01.2014. by Branko Ilic The

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UNPUNISHED CRIMES: 1992 Bosnia. His name was Slobodan, it means FREE! His guilt- He was Serb …


For this and other massacres, war crimes tribunal in Hague pardoned Muslim commander Naser Oric. – The brutal killing of the child Slobodan Stojanovic showed how much they hate everything that is Serbian. Most victims were mutilated before the liquidation. For the “exploits” Oric was awarded the “golden lily” the highest award for military Merit of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina His name was Slobodan Stojanovic he was 11 years old. His mother, Desa Stojanovic, died of broken heart.

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Orthodox church frescoes vandalized in Albania

The desecration of an ancient Orthodox church near Tirana is a crime against Albania’s cultural heritage, Director of International Relations and Projects at the Albanian Television Kleart Duraj said in an interview to the Voice of Russia. Media said that vandals had cut out and made away with a part of a 16th -century fresco by a famous icon-painter, Onufry,

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Kosovo and Metohia: albanian vandalism aiming all orthodox Serbs… dead or alive!!!

News from the occupied Kosovo and Metohia 21.01.2013. * About 50 tombstones at the Orthodox cemetery in Prizren were torn down during the night, said KIM radio * The National liberation fighters monument from World War II in the centre of Vitina, was torn down today around noon, reports Radio Klokot.   * A mine exploded in Priluzje in Andjelkovic:

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Metropolitan Hilarion : “Ethnic Albanians want to expel Serbs from Kosovo”

MOSCOW — Albanians in Kosovo do not seek co-existence with Serbs, but their complete expulsion from the southern Serbian province with support from the outside. Metropolitan Hilarion   This is according to Department of External Church Relations the Patriarchate of Moscow Chairman Hilarion Alfeyev. Hilarion told Tanjug on Saturday that he had visited Kosovo on two occasions and “saw with

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Serbia is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla

Serbia is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla holding a gas-filled phosphor-coated light bulb which was illuminated without wires by an electromagnetic field from the “Tesla Coil”. Serbia is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla with the opening of the Tesla Monument in Victoria Park, Niagara Falls (Canadian Side) International

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Уничтожение святыни во “благо” людей? В Сербии будет затоплен православный монастырь!

25 сентября 2012 Уничтожение святыни во “благо” людей? В Сербии будет затоплен православный монастырь Неужели духовные лица Сербии не понимают, что уничтожение православных святынь, тем более с их согласия, принесут сербскому народу только беды и инесчастья?! Господи помилуй!БЕЛГРАД. В Сербии православный монастырь будет затоплен при строительстве речной дамбы и создании водохранилища, сообщает издание «Блиц». Православный монастырь близ города Валево Грачаница

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