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jasmina mali portretChief In Editor> Jasmina Djekic (translator)

svetlana maksovicEditor> Svetlana Maksovic (translator)

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  • Dear friends!
    I was able to read and understand dozens of Etruscan inscriptions. Many of them are written in a kind of an old Slavic language. However, there are those that are written in Etruscan letters, but in a language which I can not understand. Recently I published two my articles in Proceedings of the Academy of DNA Genealogy Boston-Moscow-Tsukuba Volume 8, No. 4 December 2015 , p.. 632
    I propose to consider an Etruscan inscription in terms of the Serbian language. I wrote about it in my article “Absolutely clear and understandable Etruscan text.” Here is the inscription in Latin letters: Se: CALU S TLA
    I understand it like this:
    It is Tsalu from the Underworld.
    Yours faithfully,


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