Paranoia and “hybris syndrome” in Donald Trump


Among the “losers of globalization” in the US, in addition to African-Americans and Latinos, indebted university students and white adults over 45 years of age without university studies and with jobs with low added value appear for the first time, after being enrolled in the ranks of the unemployed. , they would have ended up plunged into an explosive circle of depression, alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide after seeing the blackbird of the “American dream” disappear, which would have had as a collateral effect the disaffection of these segments of the white population with respect to the traditional Democratic and Republican establishment. Thus, according to an NBC survey, 54% of the white population would be “angry with the system,” compared to 43% of Latinos and 33% of African Americans who continue to trust the American dream, which would have led White voters to support politically incorrect positions and refractory to…

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