The Brexit and the triumph of Trump staged the settlement of the “teleological scenario” in which the purpose of the creative processes were planned by finite models that could intermodelar or simulate various alternative futures and in which prevailed the intention, purpose and foresight and replacing the “teleonomic scenario”, marked by extreme doses of volatility that affect especially old Europe.

Thus, Europe would suffer an acute identity crisis compounded by the triumph of Brexit and the “process of European Balkanization” devised by the US for by attacks targeted terrorists, the refugee crisis and the awakening of independence desire of European Stateless , cause the appearance of centrifugal forces accelerate the dismemberment of the current European Union.

Boris Johson and the Brexit

In the UK converged greater exposure to toxic assets (subprime), to real estate assets and revalued pound had stalled exports, so the Bank of England was forced to make…

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