Stop the Cruise Lines from Spreading COVID 19 (PETITION)


Cruise ships, their passengers and crews, have been proven to be a significant vector for the deadly COVID 19 virus. The Diamond Princess and now the evolving Grand Princess saga demonstrate that cruise ships in particular are spreading COVID 19 through crew, passengers, and at multiple locations. This is a threat to national security.

This is no time to let the “markets” decide, government action is required to suspend the massive cruise ships, some carrying over 6000 passenger and crew, from spreading the deadly COVID19.

Our firm, Global Attorneys, as a public service has created this petition to stop the cruise lines from spreading COVID19 globally. Cruise ships have been a significant source of infection and are bringing the deadly COVID19 epidemic to lands far and wide.

In particular we are concerned about indigenous and insular populations that have limited access to health care and would be virus free but…

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