Germán Gorraiz López: Francisco, the CIA and the evangelical churches in Latin America


..One of the keys to this reform is that, in the national churches, laypersons and women can acquire a growing leadership in carrying out general affairs, for which it becomes essential that the once absolute power of bishops and cardinals be reduced and delegated to structures at the base. This is equivalent to a missile aimed at the waterline of the US strategy for Latin America that seeks to bring countries of the “backyard” back under the tutelage of the United States, in accordance with the Monroe Doctrine (America for the Americans). And we cannot rule out the workings of an endogenous plot that is aiming to reinstate the Roman Church under pontificates stewarded by the true power in the shadow (CIA-Vatican establishment)..

Francisco, the CIA and the evangelical churches in Latin America

Pope Francis will pass into history for his struggle against the Vatican establishment, his undeniable personal charisma…

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