EU sad reality: They killed their father They blew up their house Now they ask them to cover the cost of this war crime



They blew up their house, and now they request them to pay for removing the rubble (the very evidence of Croatian war crimes)

The widow and children of Milan Novakovic (Serbian civilian who was kidnapped and killed by the Western supported separatist Croatian army in 1991) who had been permanently expelled (ethnically cleansed) from Croatia in 1992, have just received, from the Croatian’ local municipality in Podravska Slatina, the request to cover the cost of removing the rubble of their (stolen and blown up to pieces) home, in the amount of 2,500 Euros. Their house was looted, mined and then blown up to pieces by the Croatian army in 1992. Their only guilt- They were Serbs! 

The place where in 1991,in Croatian city of Podravska Slatina, once stood the house of Serbian family Novakovic. Their husband was savagely murdered, the house looted and blown…

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