Historian’ reply to US Diplomat who accused Serbia `Being on wrong side of history` by respecting Venezuela sovereignty


“You are the only country in the mankind history which used nuclear bombs (against civilian targets), and you did that when the war was already over, you sprayed (intentionally) many countries with (poisonous and deadly) Depleted Uranium…!

Who are you to judge- who is on the wrong side of history… Are you saying that we should be on your’ side, side of aggression and crimes?”

Historian Đorđe Bojanić: My answer to ambassador Scott for his public statement- that “Serbia is on the wrong side of history”…

Photo: “Vostok”

He says that “Serbia is on the wrong side of history”?
As an historian I cannot agree with such comment, and therefore I have to reply.
Mr Scott- about “the wrong side”?… The man who represents young, but very powerful and very aggressive country

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