EDITORIAL: We hope Jody’s endgame is to replace the corrupted Trudeau as a Liberal leader, and PM of Canada


`Young Trudeau failed, simply because he locked the horns with “the wrong woman”. Living in Canada for a quarter of century, I don’t remember noticing on the public scene such capable and qualified politician, with such high ethical standards and exceptional honesty, like it is the honorable Jody Wilson Raybould- the Native Canadian from British Columbia. And it’s not only me, whoever I talk these days, they have only admiration and support for J.W. Raybauld, and often- the open disgust with Trudeau. The latest Canadian pools only confirm my belief- over 50% of Canadians don’t trust Trudeau and want him to resign..

..And wouldn’t be it nice for a change, to have as the Canadian Prime Minister, not only one very capable, honest and qualified woman, but the one real and authentic Canadian, which she, as a First Nation woman, certainly is… `

EDITORIAL: We hope Jody’s endgame is to…

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