Seve practiced by Shooting Civilians in Sarajevo


The respectable Bosnian lawyer from Tuzla: Faruk Balijagić in his interview for Serbian paper Blic from April

Nedzad Herenda- Seve and Karla del Ponte

The notorious war criminal and commander of „Seve“ death squad Nedzad Herenda was apparently offered immunity under the ICTY witness protection program by former prosecutor Carla del Ponte

2017 states that one of the most notorious war criminals, and Bosnian assassin (commander of death squad „Seve“ controlled by the former Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic) Nedzad Herenda for the last two decades has been living in Netherlands under the fake identity.

Apparently, he was offered by the former ICTY prosecutor Carla Del Ponte the immunity and protection for his testimony against the Bosnian „war leadership“, in the judicial process before ICTY, which in reality was never materialized.

Even his numerous and brutal war crimes (mostly against Serbian civilians) were proven by the new Bosnian authorities- Apparently, Nedzad Herenda still enjoys the protection from ICTY, and some Western intelligence services…

Herenda in Gronigen

Numerous witnesses have reported in recent years seeing Herenda in city of Groningen in Netherlands, where he was in 2016 secretly photographed. This photo is „courtesy“ of BNN.BA (Bosnian National Network)

Comment by FBR editor M. Novakovic, June 2018

СРБски ФБРепортер

Former member of the State Security of BiH Edin Garaplija confirmed at the trial of Radovan Karadzic  the paramilitary formations of that service 1995th with  sniper killed a French UNPROFOR member and that it was then attributed to the Serbian side.

images (1)

The formation called “Seve” (Larks) testified  Garaplija, committed many other crimes, including the murder of captured Serbian soldiers and civilians in a Sarajevo park, assassination of a high officer of the Army of BiH Sefer Halilovic and killing of Serbian civilians in Grbavica.

Testifying in the Tribunal, Garaplija, who was chief of the antiterrorist team SDB of BiH, He said that  1996 leader of “Seva ” Nedzad Herenda admitted  that his unit committed all those crimes. Herenda was arrested in the act of breaking the “Seva” which Garaplija led.

Calling “Seve” terrorist groupfor ,which was little known, which was established by the Minister of Internal Affairs Ali Delimustafic, Garaplija stated that…

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