22. April 1945. The great escape from Jasenovac death camp

There Must be Justice


Serbian children  prisoners in the Croatian death camp of Jasenovac

Not sooner than  22 April  1945. when  almost all the fighting in Europe was finished (except  battle for Berlin), the remaining surviving inmates, the last thousand of nearly dead skeletons broke through  barbed wire despite armed Croatian guards,  seeking at least last breath of freedom …


Cutting Serbian throats
Only 91 of them survived. To then took a terrible, unforgivable shame on the face and honor of communist “liberators”:  ” That what happened with World War II concentration camp of Jasenovac  did not happen at any other camp. In all countries of the fascist coalition concentration camps were transformed into memorials as a warning to mankind. Meanwhile all the premises and buildings  in Jasenovac concentration camp have been  destroyed, everything  was flattened and all  the traces of the Croats were removed.” That’s what happened on this day (and thereafter).

Below is the story from the perspective…

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