Now this is a bomb: Izetbegovic and Muslim leadership had ordered Celo to assassinate Bosnian Serb wedding guest and start the War in Bosnia, says key witness before the Court


There Must be Justice

Media failed to report single word about one event of extremely gret importance. Probably because it ruins all the fabrications and manipulation they produced in order to deceive global audience.
It ruins all what you’ve been told about war in Bosnia.

Balkan insight reports that “Bosnian Muslim politician Fahrudin Radoncic’s testimony at a drug lord’s trial in Kosovo has shaken  parties in Bosnia.”

Radončić Fahrudin.jpgFahrudin Radoncic, Bosnian Muslim politician, leader of the Alliance for Better Future, witness in Keljmendi mafia case

The importance of the revealed facts could shake the world.

The media mogul, construction tycoon and SBB leader was in Kosovo for the past week, testifying in the trial of Naser Keljmendi, considered one of the leading drug lords in the Balkans.

Radoncic’s testified about his alleged links with Keljmendi and other members of mafia and political circles in the region.

In court, Radoncic denied any special links with Keljmendi…

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