JIhad on Europe started in 1990 -ies


There Must be Justice

1992-1995: US, Saudis, Turkey Collaborate on Illegal Weapons Deliveries to Bosnian Muslims; 1998 to Muslim terrorist Albanian KLA

I’ve heard claims that the West (USA) under Obama became global Jihadist no 1. That Middle East has been turned into hell for Christian, who almost completely vanished there.
USA and their main sponsor, rigid Islam have been allied for decades; their alliance started to ‘bear fruits’ in Bosnia 1992…

Unholy alliance: 1992-1995: US and Saudis Collaborate on Illegal Weapons Deliveries to Bosnian Muslims’ terror forces. And this is how it started:

June 1991: Bosnian Muslims Begin Forming and Arming Private Army

Hasan Cengic.Hasan Cengic. [Source: Dani]The SDA, the ruling party of Bosnian Muslim President Alija Izetbegovic, decides in private meetings that war in Bosnia is inevitable. They begin forming their own paramilitary force called the Patriotic League, which answers to Izetbegovic and his party, not the Bosnian government as a whole…

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