АгораБеоград: How to break through the wall of “mainstream” media & politics & how to fight imperialism (greetings to Jürgen Elsässer)

АгораБеоград: How to break through the wall of
“mainstream” media & politics & how to fight imperialism

(greetings to Jürgen Elsässer)

For FBReporter – George M. Lalich (Ђорђе М. Лалић)
of the АгораБеоград (=AgoraBeograd) initiative.

How to break through the „mainstream“ media wall 

Our daily bread is one hour news hour, video, internet broadcast at the beginning.

Structure – that of Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now.
In Germany – Jürgen Elsässer, Manuel Ochsenreiter (& alt.) should organize it.
In Britain – John Pilger, Julian Assange…
France – Michel Collon, Thierry Meyssan…
Italy – Diego Fusaro…

How to break through the „mainstream“ politics wall

Parliaments of western democracies generally ignore will of the people and never (properly) debate crucial problems.

It’s time we realize:

People should never wait to be asked for their opinion by the anti-elites, “mainstream” parties.
People should choose the issues & ask themselves for their own opinion.

Firstly, best journalists should open a debate about the list of most important issues of the nation.

Secondly, they should list the most important facts on the most important issues.

Thirdly, they should initiate public opinion polls about the most important issues, report the results.

Fourthly, they should organize debates about the most important issues (Agoras).
Even when there are hundred registered political parties, most of them fraud, there are only two positions on all the key issues.
Even if no one would represent the official position on an issue, by ignoring the debate, the mainstremists only prove that way that they cannot even construe effective propaganda on an issue. Nevertheless, they can be represented at the debate with the trail they left in media.

Fifthly, the best journalists should organize bigger & bigger public opinion polls. The truth established at the polls would encourage people to tread toward deciding, referendum & making it happen.

German example:

The best journalists in Germany, Jürgen Elsässer & the likes of him, should organize polling on US military “presence”/occupation in/of Germany, whether the German people accept it or not;
also, about sanctions against Russia;
support to regime in Kiev;
recognition of UCK Kosovo as the sovereign state;
NATO expansion;
NATO itself;
$ as the world’s reserve currency;
GMO invasion of Europe by the US companies;
NSA total spying of the world…

If the “mainstream” parties disregard the will of the people & ignore the debates, a people’s movement should be organized, on couple of most important points & decisions there is clear majority about in the nation, and run for the parliamentary elections on these & only these issues (like US military “presence”/occupation of Germany/Italy…).

When they organize the debate about it all, and proper & ever bigger polling, they should consider referendum on most important issues mainstremists never let the people decide about.

How to build bridges between the nations 

Imagine best journalists of Germany, Jürgen Elsässer, Manuel Ochsenreiter & the likes of them, organize debates & public opinion polls in Germany, whether the uranium crimes their NATO allies committed against the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia… should be punished or not.

Imagine majority of the German people considers uranium crimes are – crimes.

Imagine, then, those best German journalists organize a meeting, an Agora, report the results of the public opinion polls, report about the will of the German people… and accordingly, launch the most important questions German people ask the people of the United States, inviting honourable journalists of US, to report the truth about particular most important issues to the people of US, and then ask them to run public opinion polls in the US about (for example) whether the perpetrators of uranium crimes should remain unpunished, honoured, elected, rewarded & awarded…

Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald, Alan Nairn, Juan Gonzales, Eric Draitser, David Barsamian, Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, Nebojsha Malich… should report the most important facts about the issue to the people of the US, and then organize public opinion polls on the subject whether the people of the United States want justice for the victims, and justice for the perpetrators of uranium crimes or people intend to vote “Democrats” & “Republicans” yin-yang no matter what they do?

This way, people of, say, Germany, can build a bridge between the nations and encourage democracy across the ocean, in, say, United States of America.

By organizing debates, public opinion polls and questions asked between the nations, nations can incite national & international awakening & solidarity.

How could someone so small as one human being is 
fight something colossal as imperialism?

Imperialism threatening the world is global…
Yet when was the last time we were part of any global action against global imperialism?

Here is a suggestion:

  1. Let us acknowledge & declare this simple truth: we, citizens of the world living outside USA, we are all accomplices in the crimes of western imperialism by accepting the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
  1. We, citizens of the world living outside USA, we should abandon the US dollar, exchange the dollars we have for domestic currency of the country we happen to live in, calling the people of the United States, in brotherly solidarity, to take control over the Federal Reserve and printing of the dollar.
  1. Citizens of the USA must take over the control over the Federal Reserve and over printing of the dollar.

It is insane leaving the control of the dollar in private hands of superrich (anti)elites.

[some REASONS:

  • Dollar was printed enormously to support USA aggression on Vietnam.
  • Forcing the oil trade remain in US dollars was one of the powerful incentives for the US administration to destroy Iraq, Libya in uranium aggressions…
  • Countering the threat of alternative to the US dollar the BRICS countries pose, is one of the reasons US administration supports and inflames war in Ukraine.
  • Privilege of dollar as the world’s reserve currency is abused to finance the most expensive army of aggression – US military, and such dollar – imperialist currency is one of the major factors forcing the imperialist role on the US military.
  • Then such imperialist US Army, propaganda & currency force the US dollar upon the world, and the ruling ideology that everything worthy must be privatized, no right of protection for the poor countries.
  • If everything must be privatized, then the media must be private, but poor countries cannot compete with those privileged, with the sole virtue of being close to the $ printing press.
  • Losing national media to international privatization, poor nations lose their government, politics, sovereignty, freedom & the rest of the resources…
  • Losing the national media to international privatization, we submit our minds & hearts to imperialist rule.
  • Millions of US citizens were cheated & forced out of their homes, while the major banks, originators of the “subprime mortgage” scam were flooded with dollars by the State…
  • Those banking super-elites, whose sole virtue is that they are close to the dollar printing press, they are the core of the US imperialism, they control the $media (so called mainstream) & they control the $parties, “democrats” & “republicans” yin-yang. Therefore, the power of the dollar printing press must be returned to the people of the United States if the people of US seek freedom.]

There are plenty of reasons why this could fail,
but is there a single reason not to do this?

This is not about winning or losing (only),
this is about being on the right side,
& acting for the right side…

This is not to inform the public, but to make us act…

Let us debate the proper action.

Keeping quiet, doing nothing while the imperialism shapes & shatters the world
means we act – against ourselves

Instead, we could choose the issues, check the arguments, press for a debate amongst friends… & more…

We could invite honourable people, like John Pilger, Jürgen Elsässer, trusted by many, honoured by many, heard by many, to open for the people (of the world) a list of the most important issues, list of gravest problems of the world & best solutions for those problems…


This is a good way to speed up the debate & organizing of good people for the just causes
around the world…

Imperialism is global
but so is the mankind…



There is no reason to call imperialist political parties nor propaganda industry – the “mainstream”.

„What is the most important interview of the century“


There is no reason for eternal allegiance of the good people to imperialist parties…

“What is the gravest mistake of Noam Chomsky”


There is no reason to accept the agenda of the empires. We should list & debate our own priorities.

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Western democracies have a curious talent – official government policy usually has nothing to do with the will of the people. So people should talk to – the people, in such cases, not reduce each other to the official lines of their government.

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