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  1. i can not read any serbian so tell me waht this is please (?) do you want to kow what I think it is. from what i was told by the serbian milliatary, this is one of the truckjs smuggling arms in to Bosnia to arm croats and muslims? waht is this please?

    Editor’ comment> What you saw on these photos is a convoy of Russian humanitarian aid for Serbian citizens (ethnic Serbs) who live in own country under NATO and Albanian separatists’ oppression and terror… They live in a „ghetto like“ condition surrounded by barb wire and bloody thirsty Albanians, who have been killing them with impunity, since NATO occupation in 1999, and under NATO watch and it’s „silent approval“… Since NATO occupation over 5,000 Serbian civillians have been kidnapped, brutally murdered, their body organs sold on „the black market“- by nowadays rullers of illegal and self proclaimed „state of Kosovo“(ancient Serbian land)- no single Albanian terrorist was convicted since for such attrocius acts… And that all is happening at the beggining of this 21 century, under the sponzorship of the Western civilization(EU and USA), and under the iron feast of the criminal military alliance know as „NATO“(KFOR &Eulex)… All in the name of Western vaulues and the universal human rights- the Serbs here have been so brutally denied… Obviously some people on the West must be benefitting from the stolen Serbian kidneys…

    Свиђа ми се

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