Кристијан Каш позива да му јаве свeдоци и жртве иживљавања "косовске полиције" за Видовдан 2012 – у циљу наставка борбе!(08.08.2012)


Молим вас погледајте на YouTube: „Газиместан 2012“ и ако се препознате или познајете били кога ко је био жртва или сведок, присутан приликом цепања, кидања, свлачења мајица, одузимања застава, капа, шајкача или било ког другог обележја приликом уласка на Газиместан 28.06 да се јавите: John Bosnitch, Nadezda Milanovic или Kristian Kahrs.


Sorry Serbia


Witnesses needed from Gazimestan

Posted on August 9, 2012


Preparing for a class action lawsuit against the Kosovo Police (KP) for discrimination and harassment of Serbs at the Gazimestan monument on June 28, I am calling all witnesses and victims of mistreatment from KP on this day. Everyone who had their property confiscated or experienced brutal behavior from the KP, please send me an email. The KP violated their own constitution, specifically articles 57, 58 and 59. Read  the Kosovo constitution, на српском овде.

Кристиан Каш позива да му јаве све жртве иживљавања (facebookreporter.org)

Please let us know who you are so that we can force the Kosovo Police to answer for their discrimination and harassment against Serbs on June 28.

 On Aug. 3, I was detained by the by the Kosovo Police (KP) thrown in a cell for more than 48 hours, and I arrived back from Priština on Sunday night. KP charged me with taking pictures of the Serbian policewoman Gordana Grujić on June 28, and they confiscated my computer, mobile phones and a camera for “evidence.”

Of course, the first thing I did when I came back to Belgrade was to change my Facebook and Gmail passwords, but of course the KP again violated their own constitution Article 36 talking about the right to privacy.  I have no confidence at all that KP will protect my privacy, and therefore contacted EULEX to monitor every step KP is doing to my property. Unfortunately, as far as I can know, EULEX has done nothing to monitor this case. However, the Norwegian embassy in Priština follows it, and they tell me that the earliest time I can retrieve my my computer, phones and camera is on Tuesday Aug. 14.

This is clearly an attempt to scare me and harass me, but I have the following promise to the KP and the Priština government: My motivation to take the KP to court and force them to answer to their violation of the constitution of Kosovo has never been stronger. I will continue to fight for the freedom of speech and expression and be basic human rights for Kosovo’s  minorities.

When I know what is happening to my property, I will write a new story.

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